Wrzesień 2013

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The reality is is that these leases are very, very inexpensive and costs or failure are catastrophic.”The acres leased in the Gulf range from three to twenty miles offshore, including many off Mobile Bay.”We need to find a just transition from the ‚extractive’ and fossil fuel industries in order to insure that our coastal communities can actually remain living the lifestyles that we’ve lived for ‚millinea,'” said Sprague.Inside the lease sale, more than 179 million dollars worth of land was bid on from companies like Chevron, BP, and Exxon. For more than an hour and a half, protesters shouted, chanted, and attempted to distract members of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management from conducting the public meeting.”We want people to to stop putting oil into the water. I want people to stop having oil spills and big companies to stop,” said Braxton and Sarah, kid cousins from Pensacola.’The fossil fuel industry and the petrochemical industry in Mobile particularly has disproportionate impacts on the black community in Africatown and elsewhere throughout the region,” said Sprague.Numerous industry representatives walked by FOX10 News cameras, all declining comment on the way out of the meeting.